Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ten Years Of Giant Maze Fun


If you go down to the woods next to the beach in Playa de Muro, you will get a pleasant surprise, or maybe even a shock. Water monsters, wacky wizards, crazy clowns, pirates of the Mediterranean, jokers, witches and fairies. They are all lurking under the pines in the El Laberinto Giant Maze Fun Park which this year celebrates its tenth year.

The brainchild of Jake Boas and his family, El Laberinto started in Menorca in 1995, and was then recreated in Playa de Muro, Jake and his brother Jason building the maze that occupies all of 1500 square metres just a few paces from the renowned beach in Alcúdia Bay. And it is a real feat of construction. The precision of the wooden panels allows the maze’s layout to be changed, and this precision is to a matter of millimetres. This impressive site is the foundation for one of northern Mallorca’s foremost attractions.

The maze is more than just a case of getting lost or of escaping, there are games to be played as well, such as the memory game that requires you to remember pictures you have seen as you try your best to get out. But if getting lost is not bad enough, you may have to contend with the sudden appearance of a water monster who will soak you if you are not quick enough. There are now though allies in your encounters with the monsters - the pirates of the Mediterranean who will help to chase them off or to attack them from the new castle situated in the centre of the maze.

El Laberinto is very much geared to family entertainment, especially obviously to children, and it draws its “victims” from both a local and a tourist market. A favourite for groups and parties, El Laberinto each year attracts gangs of excited children from Alcúdia who participate in the annual “viu l’estiu” summer series of events organised by the town hall. The maze’s popularity among tourists can be summed up in the words of one parent: “Our kids can’t get enough of it. We’ve been back almost every night, and each time there has been a different character and challenge.”

So, as the giant maze celebrates its first ten years, here’s to the next ten years: ten years which give you plenty of opportunity to, in the words of El Laberinto, GET LOST!

The El Laberinto Giant Maze Fun Park Fact File:

Where is it? Calle Anecs, Urbanisation Ses Fotges opposite the Grupotel Alcúdia Suite, Playa de Muro.

How much is it? 7 euros a go for adults and children, but if you come for a repeat visit, keep your ticket and you will get 50% discount.

What ages does it cater for? All, but little ones definitely need to be accompanied.

What times does it open? Every day from 10:30am till 10:30pm. May to October.

Can I get any refreshments? Ice-creams, sweets and drinks.

Can I find out more? There is a website -

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