Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kitchen 100 Degrees, I Love That Summer Breeze

And it did reach 100 degrees, in Sa Pobla at any rate. Then the wind came and it wasn’t any longer. Ah well.

And a windy old evening it was down Greasy Mile way yesterday. But didn’t deter those who turned up for the surprise 50th birthday for Lesley (Canny Lad and Vamps). Here is the lady herself with Leighton, one of the chefs from Foxes who’s escaped the kitchen, at the Vamps party.

Do I detect a Bar of the Week coming on? Sounds likely. VAMPS:

Where: C/. Astoria, next to Bells Disco, Puerto Alcúdia

What: Adult bar. No, not your lap-dance stuff, but for 18s+. Cocktails, karaoke, stand-ups, live acts (Vamps is one of the few places you can get live rock music).

When: Every evening/night 21:00 till whenever.

Who: Les and Lesley from The Canny Lad. Vamps is their other place.

Why: A change from the usual family bar. Quite different from much of the Mile. Good music from one of the most advanced sound systems.

Yesterday - Westlife in tribute to Frank Sinatra. Today - it’s a line that goes “The city under seas. Kitchen 100 degrees. I love that summer breeze. I’ll stand in it until it freeze.” Who?


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