Friday, August 17, 2007

There’s A Killer On The Road

Anyone looking to buy a bar? We’ve got one. Well, not we, but Les at The Canny Lad who has put the bar up for sale. Reason? Vamps, the other bar, has been a success and they want to devote their time to that. Fair enough. Anyway, the details are available on the site, go to Businesses For Sale.

It doesn’t get any better. It gets worse. Despite the tougher regime with points on licences etc, the number of deaths on the Balearic roads refuses to go down. The first half of August saw a rise from 108 to 126. I don’t know the reasons for all these deaths, but I reckon a conclusion can be drawn. Anyone used to the roads here will know. Recklessness and speed. At the same time as there has been some congratulation as to the number of infractions that have led to licence points, there is something clearly wrong. And I’ve said it before. Grabbing drivers for not wearing seat-belts and so on, standing around at roundabouts, this is all well and good, but it does not address the real problem. Trafico cannot be everywhere, but surely their time is better spent being out on the roads. That way, maybe, just maybe, they might make more of an impression.

My beach is Playa de Muro, the bit between Alcúdia Pins and the five stars. It is never that busy, but it is a regular family beach. I’ve seen it on rare occasions before, and there it was again today - bloke, kit-off. Now personally I couldn’t give a damn; indeed kit-off is more comfortable than kit-on. But I’m not so sure that tackle-out is necessarily appropriate on your everyday family beaches. Not that anyone seemed that bothered. Maybe this is because most holidaymakers here are German. It’s just that the chap was so obviously out of place. Takes some guts I reckon.

I’m really not sure what the deal is with beach nudity. I was under the impression that it was ok anywhere, but the tourist offices in Puerto Alcúdia and Playa de Muro were both aghast when I suggested this. So, I don’t know. There are beaches here well-known for naturism, but otherwise ... .

Yesterday - U2. And Anne Marie quite correctly got it. Today’s title. It is a line from a very famous song. And it is ... ?


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