Friday, August 03, 2007

Watching Flowers In The Rain

The last thing you’re likely to be doing here at the moment. God, it’s hot. Anyway, more environmental worries. All a bit behind the times, but better late than never. “Euro Weekly” quotes sources which suggest that climate change will destroy Spanish beaches, tourism and thus the economy. We’ve been here before. Here was what I said on 11 January this year:

“The seas will come again and reclaim the coastal plains, rendering what land remains worthless, subject as it will be to ever more encroachment and erosion; as worthless as it was considered until only the last sixty years or so. All the greed and prosperity will be washed away. People will return to the hinterland to pick over what is left of a shattered economic model that saw tourism as its wealth-creator, its greed-creator and finally its destroyer.”

Or on 12 March this year: “Doesn’t sound too good, does it. No more Mallorca holidays, no more Mallorca villas by the sea, no more Mallorca. 40 years. Half a lifetime.”

First there was the Guest Quiz Inquisitor, then the Guest Titlist, now the Guest Restaurant Reviewer. And it is none other than our old chum Seamus at No Frills who, quite out of the blue, filed a review of INDIAN PALACE in Puerto Pollensa. Now it just goes to show that a restaurant doesn’t have to be advertising on one of our websites to get its name mentioned. Whereas Everest and Kashmir, both of them fine establishments, are on, Indian Palace is not. Doesn’t mean the review would be turned away. Anyway, I thought of modifyng the review as a RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK thing, but decided to leave it more or less as is. So, here it is - kind of like a “Winner’s Dinners” without the pomposity or indeed Michael Winner:

“I’m not really one to write reviews but the meal I had the other night deserves one.

“I like all types of food and the other night I was looking forward to a good old pizza in the old town. As usual I was late and my girlfriend decided to start walking. I picked her up near the bar Ses Muralles (near the Ford garage in the old town) and she goes let’s have Indian! Where I ask? Puerto Pollensa! Shit - miles away. It’s 21:30 by this stage so of we go.

“We went to the Indian Palace near the Hotel Miramar. I’ve eaten in this place before and it was good, but this time it was worth writing about.

“We had poppadoms and sauces. Starter - prawn puree, a really tasty prawn dish.

“Main - chicken korma, delicious sauce and tender chicken; chicken biriani, absolutely wonderful; and of course two nan breads and chips plus one water, three Cobra beers and one Coke.

“The whole lot was 42 euros. I think that this is very reasonable considering Puerto Pollensa prices. The guy who runs the place is called Papu and I think his wife does the cooking (she is a very good chef I think). I have to admit this was the best meal I have had in ages, staff friendly, cheap and great quality.”

The 1967 revivalist fervour has brought these other suggestions: The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”, Aretha Franklin “Respect”, Small Faces “Itchycoo Park”, The Doors “Light My Fire”, The Turtles “Happy Together”. Geoff recalls the summer of 67 at Jaywick Sands (now, there would be an entry for weird places as I discussed some while back) and the music of, inter alia, The Move. So, today’s QUIZ question: What particular moment of fame did The Move experience in September 1967 (see today’s title)? Yesterday was of course Scott McKenzie.


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