Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Wind

Is there anything sadder than a lilo making a dash for it? The wind picks up suddenly. The lilo seizes the moment, and within the time it takes a small child to bawl out, the lilo is heading for France. It’s an uneven contest. A lilo with a following wind can out-manoeuvre even the strongest of swimmers. It bounds across the sea, a Barnes Wallis of inflated plastic bouncing on top of the waves.

As yet another one took to the high seas this afternoon, I saw it differently. White, it was no longer a lilo, it had become “Rover”, pursuing Number Six. By hook or by crook it was going to track him down. Then I went back to my book.

Well there are some sadder things. An Alcúdia celebrity died yesterday. “El coralero de Alcúdia”, Joaquín Rodríguez Castelao, failed to recover from the effects of decompression during a dive. Quino was a renowned diver, considered one of the world’s finest.

And so to the weather. Even hotter, Sa Pobla closing in on the 100 mark yesterday.

A good while since the ex-mayor of Andratx has been mentioned here. Some may have wondered what happened to him after the scandal erupted over corruption. Well next month will see some more action on the case, but meantime he has put a house on the market. Not any old house. A house worth 2.9 million euros. Hmm.

Some questions do surprise. I had thought “Piccadilly Collection” was rather obscure, but not so. Steve at Little Britain was one who thanked me for managing to Squeeze in a mention yesterday. Today’s title - well, it was a boy band, but the original was by ...?


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