Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sweets For My Sweet

Following the jelly-bean incident at the last test between England and India, I can tell you that members of the SPCC (Sa Pobla Cricket Club) are rightly indignant. Buff, buff, buff. It wasn’t like that in their day, when one could have expected canapés, other finger-food and occasionally a full three-course lunch with wine to have graced the wicket. But that’s modern sport for you. Anyway, talk of sweet throwing naturally brings me to our irregular BAR OF THE WEEK feature. Why’s that, Andy, I hear you ask. Because José throws sweets, that’s why. Here’s the sugary nugget that is CAFÉ BONY:

Where: Plaça Miquel Capllonch, Puerto Pollensa, better known as the market or church square.

What: Mega drinks, leading UK and Spanish beers, salads, sandwiches, snacks, and the unique Bony atmosphere.

When: Every day, normally from about 11:00am, except Wednesdays, when it is - in Bony language - leg-over.

Who: José is the man with the clothes-pegs on his trousers, and Pablo the sane one. Then there are the girlies.

Why: Great location in the square. A brilliant café in many ways, as José knows how to work his audience, sorry, customers.

Is there a website? Well, sort of. Under construction and maybe will be for while, but it is, something that trips easily off the tongue.

And apropos the whole American malarkey from yesterday, my mole all things American, Carol, recently back from Florida, tells me that the size of the American lard-mass is now so substantial that even a queen bed is barely sufficient to accommodate your average Yank. So, there’s another issue for Mallorcan tourist authorities to worry about were there to be an American invasion, to say nothing of the crush on BMI and the excess-baggage charge.

A rare thing, and all the better for it, but some may recall my mentioning of Laura Veirs. Well, make sure to tune in to Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2, from 20:00 UK time (21:00 Spain) on Thursday. For those of you not up to speed in Spain, you can hear this via the steam internet.

Quiz: Forgot yesterday. The BMI angle. Where is this lyric borrowed from? “BMI, BMI, BMI little baby, my one and only, baby my darling, BMI baby now, ow-ow, oh-oh-oh-oh.” Forgive me, I am long out of the UK, but did BMI never use this as an ad campaign? And if not, why not? And today’s title? Who recorded it? Yesterday - those good ole boys were drinking whisky and rye.


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