Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing

I have to keep confidences. You would be amazed what people tell me. Or maybe, you wouldn’t be amazed. But I keep schtum. Or at least I can say in general terms. Remember the piece about the property market a few days back?

There is a well-known estate agency hereabouts that is up for sale. Why? Can’t know for sure, but over-stretched, over-ambitious, negative cash flows, these could all be aspects. Or maybe it’s just can’t be bothered any longer.

If it is all the former, then it tells a story. A story about expansion that places profit before cash flow. Beware entrepreneur. Cash flow is the stuff of any good business. But also a story that may be salutary when it comes to the chasing of moolah in the property market. Shake-out time? Maybe. There are two former estate agents along Estate Agent Street in Puerto Pollensa that have “for rent” signs on increasingly decaying shops.

More positive. Opening this evening is the Diablito restaurant in what was the old Nico’s place in Puerto Pollensa. Some might recall Diablito in Puerto Alcúdia’s Alcudiamar, now Chili. Good luck to them.

Quiz: Ok, schtum leads me to today’s title. Which band recorded an album with this title? Again, they have featured here before. Also, what is the origin of “schtum”?


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