Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Is there ever a good time to resurface roads?

Probably not. But there are surely times when it makes less sense than others. Like now, for instance.

Driving into Palma or along the Via Cintura is a pain at the best of times. And now is not really the best of times. Common sense dictates that there is more traffic than in, say, January. But that doesn’t stop them resurfacing the motorway. Nor, apparently, does it stop them resurfacing the roundabout coming into Alcúdia, and roads off. Still, at least the resurfacing and remarking does appear to have eradicated the highly unsafe approach lane that went around the roundabout in the port’s direction.

And now. A big welcome to thealcudiaguide.com to our NEW Bar of the Week. Well, not new as such. Just new to the site. So, word up for FESTAS in Puerto Alcúdia.

Here’s the gen:

Where: C/. Olimp, Puerto Alcúdia, opposite - more or less - the Three Towers of the Club Mac.

What: Theme bar, with the emphasis on The Addams family, hence Festas (or Festers if you prefer). Home-made Festas’ shots - vodka shots with secret recipes the speciality of the house.

When: Every day 19:00 till late.

Who: Lynne and Steve, and not forgetting the inanimate assistance of “Skelly”.

Why: No-nonsense bar, but with a “chill-out” and relaxing feel with good music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. A place that gets punters returning year after year. ...

Quiz time: The link between Karl Wallinger and Peter Gabriel was Charterhouse. They both went there.


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