Saturday, June 09, 2007

Like A Fox On The Run

Now, the deal is, if you take the time to send me stuff, and if I like you, then you can blag your way into being Bar Of The Week. NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS! Yet.

Anyway, Jamie at Foxes in Puerto Alcúdia has become something of a media icon in his home town of Leicester. And just to prove it, here is something from the “Leicester Mercury”, which shows Jamie doing his morning aerobics outside Foxes near the Magic Roundabout.

But let’s do a proper Bar Of The Week run down on FOXES:

Where: Carretera Arta 46, Puerto Alcúdia, close by the Delfin Azul and opposite the Jofre tabacos.

What: All manner of good pub grub food. Top breakfasts. And the curries are popular. All your favourite beers and spirits.

When: Every day from nine in the morning.

Who: James and Karen are the owners. Tracy, Leighton (“Tiny” - he’s massive!) and Al also.

Why: Seriously unpretentious and down-to-earth nice bar-café. Lovely people. Economic and good fare. Loads of Leicester City memorabilia.

Can I find out more? Yep, there is a spaces thingy, now linked here. And if you want a full copy of the article from the Mercury, daresay an email to Jamie will bring a positive response.

The success of the Pop/Sitcom Quiz knows no limits. We now have Guest Quizmasters. Or should that be, in good Michael Miles terms, Guest Quiz Inquisitors?
Alastair, who rightly got “Two Tribes” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, sets his own posers. First up, a Patrick Allen follow-up. In the first series of which comedy series was Patrick Allen the narrator? And. Which dyslexic American rock star choked to death on his own “vimto” in London in 1970?
No doubles of marmite to give out; the holidays album was Fairport Convention.
And also ... Today’s foxy title. Which group recorded it?


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