Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ancients Of Muro (Mu-Mu)

So, out of the goodness of my heart, I have listed a few events for the Muro gig on the What’s On Blog. Initially, I paid scant regard to what I had got from the town hall’s site. Yes, there was a bullfight but, on closer examination, the star turn seems to be one El Cordobés. El Cordobés!? Is this the Cordobés or Un Cordobés? He would be 71 from what I can glean of him. Bit old for having a barney with an angry bull. Or is it some impostor? Or is the Cordobés moniker a form of dynastic title, handed down through generations? Or is it some form of Cordobés tribute bullfighter? The Bootleg Cordobés, or some such.

I have been to but one bullfight. When I was 14 on holiday in Mallorca. Can’t say I much cared for it. But the bullfight, despite the obvious objections, remains an important facet of Spanish life, so much so that you get bullfight reports on TV sports shows. Pretty odd sport in my view, but hey that’s culture for you.

But this all gives me the chance to haul out today’s title. I’ve been wanting an excuse. Old bullfighter. Cows (well sort of). Play on the name Muro. They were justified and ancient. And they were damn great. Who were they? Oh, that’s today quiz, if you haven’t worked it out.

Yesterday’s answers. An evening waiting for a train at Staines station for those of you who got “Sound Of The Suburbs”. And for all who knew John Leyton sang “Johnny Remember Me”, what famous war film was he in?


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