Sunday, June 03, 2007

Filthy Rich and Catflap

I overlooked something. Last week’s “Sunday Times” (well, I am only a week out) had this thing about Mallorcan property. Not just any old property, but ones such as the Cielo de Bonaire in these northern parts, which is on the market for 34 million quid.

34 million quid!?

Quoting Matthias Kühn, a partner in this development and head of the ubiquitous Kühn & Partner (why is it that estate agent ubiquity in Mallorca appears to be Germanic, what with Kühn and Engel & Völkers?), he can “smell the indication that more (very rich people) are coming.” Coming to Mallorca, that is.

Chances are that if you’ve got 34 million quid to lavish on a Mallorcan pile, you’ve probably also got sufficient stashed away not to be too bothered if the whole place goes belly-up. With all the dire predictions of the effects of climate change on Mallorca, I can’t help feeling that I’d rather put my 34 million quid into a place in Estonia. But maybe for the super-rich, the long-term doesn’t exist. Not sure I’d be confident that in 40 years’ time 34 thousand quid, let alone 34 million, could be recouped from a property investment here.

Knew it wouldn’t last. Restaurant of the week thing, that is. Here’s the first of Bar Of The Week. A real cracker, too.

Where: C/. Colón 3, Pollensa, just off the Plaça Major by Bar Espanyol but with a terrace in the square.

What: Over 50 types of beer. Plus snacks like pinchos (snacks on bread), pa amb olis (which are also snacks on bread to be honest).

When: Every day.

Who: Pep is your main man.

Why: Delightful stone-walled interiors, very relaxing atmosphere, music, nice terrace in the main square. Oh, and all those beers. From all over the place, and some stonkers from Belgium. 12%, my friends. 12%. Be careful!!

Short weather word: It is still rather unsettled. Rain again this morning. Not what the boys want.

And so, briefly returning to Sitcom Quiz, today’s title. Who starred in it?


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