Saturday, June 16, 2007

Johnny Remember Me

There’s something very odd going on here.

I live in Playa de Muro. That means I live in the municipality of Muro. Yet I know what goes on for the Sant Pere fiesta in Alcúdia. I know about Patrona in Pollensa. I know these things. What I don’t know, except by chance, is what happens in my own town.

Muro is currently celebrating the fiesta of Sant Joan (Saint John). Does anyone know about it?

I recently asked the lovely Cati at the Playa de Muro tourist office if she could mail me with information for Muro, like Pilar in Alcúdia does. Problem. Not that she won’t, just that the town hall doesn't get its act together (and that’s most certainly not her fault) and seems to have forgotten that there are people living in Playa de Muro. Living and visiting. Now, might it not just be that people here on holiday would want to go to the pueblo of Muro to enjoy the festivities? Ok, some of it is pretty obscure for non-natives, but there is, for instance, a massive disco party on the 24th (music from the 70s and 80s, starts at 23:00). There is, for instance, a bullfight (if you can stomach it) at 18:30 on the 25th. There is, for instance, a grand fireworks display, also on the 25th.

How do I know? Because I’ve looked at the town hall’s website. All in Mallorquín. Fat lot of use.

Look, I am quite happy to translate this stuff. I did so for the Sant Pere fiesta in Alcúdia. Put up the information on and on the What’s On Blog. No one pays me. I don’t care. I’m giving a service. More than some are.

Anyway, maybe I’ll do a full translation for the Muro gig. But only because I think people who are here should have the opportunity to know what goes on. People who don’t happen to speak Mallorquín.

In the newspaper “Part Forana”, there was a note about the fiesta. It said at the end that everyone was invited. Great. But they can’t go if no one tells them.

Quiz time. Ok, you win, or rather you don’t. It wasn’t Johnny Waitrose as some wag had it. The answer was Nicky Tesco and the band was The Members. Huge prize today. A copy of the Muro Sant Joan programme scrawled on the back of a fag packet to anyone who can name The Members’ big hit. Also... today’s title. Who sang it?


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