Friday, June 22, 2007

Government Antic(h)s

The excitement could barely be less. After weeks of indifference since the elections, Jaume Matas, the now ex-leader of the Balearic Government, has resigned, thus paving the way for a socialist-nationalist coalition under Matas’s predecessor, Francesc Antich. Just contain yourselves.

Close on Puerto Pollensa’s beach being granted a blue flag - at long last - comes the news that, once more, there is a sewage problem. This is confined to the smaller beach in front of the Anglada Camarasa promenade, but it isn’t too clever, and it happened last year, too.

Not so much Bar but Café Of The Week. Prompted by the photo of Alicia that was put up on to their blog, here is a CAFÉ LA SALA rundown:

Where: Opposite the town hall in the old town of Alcúdia.

What: Coffees, teas, salads, baguettes, chili, curry and more. The favourite is the Flavours of Asia baguette or salad. And the fresh juices are nectar.

When: Every day except Saturday.

Who: Trevor and Stuart run the place, with help from Alicia.

Why: Fabulous location in the heart of the old town. Hugely popular with locals of all creeds and with visitors; English, Spanish, Mallorquín and German spoken. And I’ve now also discovered that Trev is something of a Mac expert. So, for all you Mac users ...

Can I find out more? You can indeed. Check out the Café La Sala blog, which is linked here, and see Alicia’s photo. You can also see Stuart and the star of the show, the ever-howling Nanouk.

Quiz: The title came from Deacon Blue. The origin of “schtum” is from the German “stumm” meaning silent but may also have come from prison life. And today’s question: What links Deacon Blue, The Beatles and Peter Gabriel? (Clue: it’s a song title.)


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Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Andy!!! I´ll get a copy of that photo you like so much sent to you ha ha ha!!!!
Look forward to seeing you back again soon, and keep up the good work with your blog....bloody marvelous...some decent editing for a change (unlike the Mallorca Daily Bullshit, oops sorry the Bulletin).
Trev, Café La Sala, Alcudia.