Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Tendering for Puerto Pollensa's pedestrianisation this autumn

The regional government will take responsibility for tendering for the project to semi-pedestrianise the coast road in Puerto Pollensa, while Pollensa town hall will take responsibility for its design, which is set to include a cycle lane as well as the keeping of the road for one-way traffic. The town hall is to commit to spending more than had initially been budgeted, but there are concerns as to this commitment because of limited financial resources.

See comment below re this map:

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Maria said...

Is there a proposed map available yet as to where exactly they are going to redirect traffic, and supply more parking areas!?

andrew said...

I've added a map that the Alternativa per Pollença had on its Facebook page. I think one of the red arrows may be in the wrong direction (the one going from C. Bot towards Llenaire). Surely it would be the other way round.