Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Won’t You Accept My Reward

Seasoned visitors to this blog amongst you may recall the 2006 awards (if you don’t, they appeared on 1 January this year). Anyway, amongst the winners was JK’s Bar in Puerto Pollensa; indeed JK’s was one of only two - how can I put it - sensible winners. The award was for best new bar of 2006, an award that was repeated in the “El Puente” tourist guide for Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa, for which I can claim some responsibility. Now, it takes a busy bar owner or two to take a month or so to get truly up to speed with some things. Like noticing that this award has been mentioned in the guide. But that says a lot, a lot as to why JK’s got the award. Because it is a very hard-working bar. To cut to the chase, they’re thinking of blowing up the award thing in the guide, and posting it outside as a form of plaque. Damn good idea, too.

So, in recognition of this, and because it’s been a while, here is the latest BAR OF THE WEEK - JK’s, Puerto Pollensa:

Where: Ctra. Formentor, Puerto Pollensa, close to Tango’s and next to the back entrance to the Miramar.

What: Family-run bar but not a family fun bar, with a very good menu of freshly prepared food and two enormous screens that show all the sport.

When: Every day 12:00 till 24:00.

Who: Jane and Kevin, with Cecilia and occasional assistance from Ellie and Charlotte.

Why: Utterly reliable, very friendly, in total contrast to the doom of “The Cavern” that preceded it.

Oh, I tell you this quiz thing’s taking on a life of its own. So here goes. Geoff points out that the “I can call you” question was too easy, which it was, but rightly adds that Chevy Chase in the video sounded remarkably like Paul Simon. The name was of course Betty, or Beddy if you prefer the American style. Alastair, meantime, tells us that “sospan fach” means little saucepan in Welsh, which indeed it does. (James had also got in on the sospan explanation.) Tasha has been overwhelmed by her mention with respect to Talking Heads and has had to take to her bed.
I couldn’t think of anything with award so reward is the nearest I could come up with. So, the line in today’s title - who sang it? Great, great record. And a double reward if ... In the video for this song was a visual reference to what truly weird film?


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