Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Selling Mallorca By The Pound

Can someone tell me how long the pound (as in pound sterling) has been the official currency in Spain?

The answer is of course that it isn’t the official currency. The euro is, in case you haven’t noticed.

So, why therefore does one supermarket show - in large numbers - its prices in pounds, with the euro amount in smaller print in the corner of the card?

Might it be that because the pound number will always be lower, substantially so, customers are being enticed by an apparently low figure. Only when they see the smaller print do they realise that the large figure is not the euro amount.

Below is a photo that shows this. Hopefully it is large enough to show everything.

My thanks to Gordon for bringing this to my attention. If anyone else has anything of similar note, just send it in. To the email address below.

Quiz: It was of course Chris Rea. Today’s title is adapted from which album title?


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