Sunday, July 15, 2007

200 Motels

And more on beach umbrellas. Beach umbrellas and sunbeds. In Can Picafort and Playa de Muro there is a little local issue regarding the numbers of umbrellas and sunbeds on the beaches. In Can Picafort, part of the beach (in Son Bauló) has had a different problem - there not being any. But the issue on the main beach and in Muro is that there are too many. Seems this has all to do with the fact that when the concessions are being sorted out, there are secret tenders handed to the town halls. There are about four main concessionaires, and they try and outbid each other for the various “lots”. Obvious you would think, but the bids are excessively high in order to get the lots. So the town halls trouser a goodly sum and then wait for additional income through fines. That’s because the concessionaire, having handed over so many folding notes, puts out more sunbed and umbrella sets than are prescribed. Why? In order to coin back the outlay. The fines are doubtless budgeted for in the concessionaire’s business plan. They are not ordered to remove the excessive numbers of sunbeds; just fined. And they, the concessionaires, continue to charge about 8.50euros - per use - for a sunbed and umbrella set. Anyway, the local residents and neighbourhood groups have had enough, and have complained, grounds being that there is less “public” space, i.e. beach, and more and more commercialised space.

The 200th post to this blog was recently attained. Seems like 2000. Anyway, to celebrate here is a 200 quiz. “200 Motels” as a title is in honour of the fact that between Alcúdia, Pollensa, Playa de Muro and Can Picafort, there are at least 200 hotels or other such establishments, if not motels. This was the title of an album by whom? And then there is also this lyric: “She's 200 years old. So mean, she couldn't grow no lips. Boy, she'd be in trouble if she tried to grow a moustache”. Who? The answer is the same for both questions. And what is the lyric’s reference to? Yesterday - Band Aid. Of course.


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