Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey Big Spender!

Having derided the local tourist authorities for not getting out fiesta information in English, praise is due to Pollensa for doing just that for the fiestas of Virgen del Carmen which kick off today in Puerto Pollensa. If you can’t lay your hands on the leaflet, the info is also to be found on the What’s On Blog or under Fiestas Pollensa on www.thepollensaguide.com.

First there was the Guest Quiz Inquisitor, now the first Guest “Titlist” Of The Day. (I’m not sure that titlist exists, but hopefully you get the meaning.) Anyway, the honour is bestowed on Al (Alwyn), he formerly of Sospan Fach in Magalluf/Palmanova, now of Foxes in Puerto Alcúdia. The singer of the title is easy, but it comes about as a consequence of what Al is thinking of initiating at Foxes, namely a National Tipping League. Now, some days the tipping is good. Some days though it’s not so good, hence today’s somewhat ironic (if not hacked off) title. Al, you should all know, is a worthy cause, so do hand over those pocketfuls of loose change. Otherwise it’s the workhouse.

There is a point here though regarding tipping. The British “norm” is 10%. A question one often gets asked by those new to these shores is “how much should I tip?”. The answer is, there is no standard answer; you just tip what you want, or don’t if you want to raise Al’s hackles.

Anyway, I reckon there should also be a sweep on who comes top of the Tipping League. In the absence of hordes of Yanks (who are generally pretty generous in this regard), I’m inclined to think - at risk of offending others in Britain and elsewhere - that the English would come out on top. But what do I know?

So - quiz. No prizes for knowing the singer of today’s title. An alternative title could be “You Can Call Me Al”, but what can I call you? Ah, come on, easy. Jackpot time for the last quiz. Tasha was the first to get “Once In A Lifetime” by Talking Heads.

And ... cultural, linguistic quiz time makes its first appearance. What the fach does “SOSPAN FACH” mean?


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