Thursday, July 12, 2007

Marina, Aqua Marina

Or possibly it could be “On The Boardwalk”. Whatever. The thing is that down in the Alcúdia marina (Alcúdiamar) there is a daily evening market. Now, this sounds all well and good, and probably great for the likes of Chili and Varadero, but it ain’t so good for the regular shops in the port. Naturally, you stick some stalls up alongside the boats, and the tourist punter will be attracted like the moth to the flame. But it is good for the port, some might say. Brings people in. Perhaps so, but then they mill around that part of the port - and no other. Besides, you have to ask - how many bloody markets does any place need? Alcúdia town has two; two whacking great big ones per week. Playa de Muro has added another day, so there are now two there as well.

The curse of this marina market was not necessarily a factor, but it could have been a final straw had the decision not already been taken. I’m referring to Jane and Mike Lynham’s move from Alcúdia and Mallorca. The Puddle Duck shop certainly gets no favours from this market. Anyway, they’re out of here, which a number of you probably already know. Bulgaria. Yep, Bulgaria. Where you can shop for a week for what it costs to buy a packet of 20 here. Well, not quite, but you get the drift. So, we shall miss them, and wish them well. And the MYCT Crew Bar will be the rendezvous for the final knockings on Friday, 20 July.

Quiz - Julian Cope, ok, but it was the band I was after: The Teardrop Explodes. And the film? In the video you see a shot of Jack Nance from David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” - weird and horrible. And so to today’s. The title is a song from which TV show? And who sang it?


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