Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How’s About That Then?

You get some real crackers, I’m telling you. The new Balearic Government of Mr. Antics (who now shall be known as Frantic) is to oversee - and I quote “The Bulletin” here - “a legislature...hallmarked by being known as ‘The Age of the Train’ ”. Grand stuff, if it comes off, as the existing line north, which currently terminates at Sa Pobla, would go on to Alcúdia and Cala Ratjada.

But seriously, “The Age of the Train”. Jimmy Savile will be back, appearing on Mallorcan TV, bling and cigar to the fore. Only 25 years after it was the age of the train in Britain, but Jimmy probably needs the work.

(Please add your own Jim inflections as you read this.) “Now then, now then, now then, I have had a letter from a young sir in the lovely island of Majorca who wants to know if I can fix it for him to build a new railway. Well, young Francesc, I know just the person, and here he is - Sir Richard Branson.”

On a more serious note, it is fine to try and develop the rail system, but I somewhat doubt that any development would make much of a dent in the current road usage. There is also talk of another track to Inca, but even with this, the rolling stock that can be carried by the lines is not great and nor are the trains that frequent. Moreover, what Mallorca could also benefit from would be a rail system that allows for freight to be carried, but that just simply will not happen in a place this size. If one takes the local issue of the coal that is transported from the port of Alcúdia to the power station, it is an environmental absurdity. Heavy vehicles pouring out God knows what pollutants - up and down the roads in constant shuttles. A railway would be ideal, but it won’t happen.

Quiz: “Hello, John, Got A New Motor?’” Correct for all who got it. Today: Jimmy Savile presented the first (and indeed last) “Top Of The Pops”. Which group was the first act on that first show, and what song did they do?


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