Friday, August 30, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Weather Alcúdia and Pollensa 30 August 2013

No Frills Excursions

Morning high (8.15am): 23.5C
Forecast high: 30C
Sea conditions (northern Mallorca; Alcúdia and Pollensa bays): Northeast 4 to 5, swells to one metre by the afternoon.

Similar day to yesterday with a fair bit of cloud probably giving way to good sun later, but also with the chance of a shower by the evening. The weekend's forecast is for a mix of cloud and sun with a risk of rain but with temperatures in the upper-20s.

Evening update (19.00): All in all not much of a day. Mostly cloudy, the odd spit of rain and now there's an alert in place for storms until tomorrow morning.

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