Friday, August 23, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - No change to Balearics tourism law on private apartments

The meeting between the tourism ministry and local government officials has ended with a decision to make no change to the current situation as it pertains to the rental of private accommodation for tourist purposes. This, it would seem, is the consensus of opinion that the ministry had been angling for.

The tourism minister Carlos Delgado says there is no need for a change as there has been more registration of private property since the 2012 tourism law was introduced, but this does not include apartments which remain, from point of view of commercialisation, illegal. There is the possibility that individual island councils, now being given responsibility for tourism promotion, can introduce their own regulations. However, Ibiza is against this while Menorca's council president didn't attend the meeting and Mallorca's president, Maria Salom, doesn't want this responsibility.

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