Saturday, June 08, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Puerto Pollensa pedestrianisation will cost 1.5 million euros

The pedestrianisation of the coast road in Puerto Pollensa between the yacht club roundabout and Llenaire will cost 1.5 million euros. The regional government will contribute 600,000 euros and the Council of Mallorca 200,000. Pollensa town hall has allocated an initial 150,000 euros that will need to rise. The exact nature of the pedestrianisation has, as yet, to be fully decided upon but it is thought that it will result in a one-way traffic system (traffic from Alcúdia coming into the port). The announcement regarding the pedestrianisation has been made as the town hall has now finally been able to agree its budgets for this year, support having been given to Mayor Cifre's PP from different opposition parties, including the UMP, who blocked the budgets in April.

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