Saturday, June 29, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Cifre threatens to drop the Pollensa Festival

The concerts for this year's Pollensa Festival finally having been sorted out, Mayor Tomeu Cifre has warned that the festival may be dropped next year because of what he calls a lack of co-operation by others parties at the town hall. The latest row has to do with seating and pricing, and despite prices being reduced, the opposition has not been happy because the mayor has acted unilaterally. This is not exactly the first time he has been accused of doing this, but on this occasion, perhaps it should be accepted that he has acted well.

Meanwhile, the festival is to extend into Alcúdia this year, Michael Nyman, who headlined the festival last year, playing a concert at the auditorium on 27 August. The festival's budget, a mere 150,000 euros, might be beefed up if other funding can be found that would allow more events to be staged. There are to be five concerts, all in August (so the festival is shorter than previously). The final programme with full details will be available this coming week.

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