Sunday, April 06, 2008


You get days like today and think, it really isn't too bad is it? So ok, the weather's rocking, but there's more to it. Like in Pollensa in the morning. You walk through the back streets in that town, and the times you stop and listen. Piano being played. Sometimes it's a violin. You look up, and the shutters are open to a small terrace with terracotta pots on a tiny balcony fronted by wrought-iron warped to a wave, and the piano plays. And you mill with the market-goers and stop and talk, and then find a cafe and stop and talk with someone you just bump into, this time with Toni Torrens who's gone in with Nacho Rios in a new property business. And you take a small coffee and speak of the football - Mallorca drew with Madrid - and how "todo" is "bien", and whatever, but nothing much more; and so it is.

Later the transformation is total. You leave behind the pianist and the enchantment of the quiet back streets of Pollensa, and the port of Alcúdia is alive. The whole island has descended on the place. Not a parking place to be had. It's a chaos of cars, people, shouting, talking, laughter, boats, mime, balloons, kids, families, cuttlefish, bursting terraces, and more boats. The nautical and sepia fair weekend, blessed - as it was in its inaugural year - by perfect blue skies. And you take a tapita of sepia, and bump into someone else. All the journalists and photographers you know are wandering about, and you stop and swap mobile numbers, such as with Diego who used to be with Radio Balear and is doing stuff for the German "Mallorca Zeitung". And the talk moves towards projects, and who's doing what, and maybe we should talk more. The island has come to Alcúdia and you don't want to miss it; and so it is.

One Sunday in Pollensa and Alcúdia.

QUIZ: Yesterday - Pulp. Today's title - album by?


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