Sunday, April 27, 2008

Posh 'n' Becks

There are some people who seem to drop out of one's orbit. Maybe they've moved on and away, like so many do. But then, by chance, you find they haven't. And so, by chance, I happened to be loitering with some intent yesterday evening in the area of The Posh Paddy. Hey, who's that?, thought he'd gone, hadn't seen him for, oh, a couple of years. Matt. Former Comics and Jacks, Matt. But of course he's at The Posh Paddy, one of the few watering holes in Playa de Muro that is deserving of an honourable mention.

By itself, this might not have inspired a small item on the blog. But there was more to it, in that Matt is The Alcúdia Barfly or, more accurately, the blogger that is to be found at, which is a pretty cool blog, albeit that time is short and the updating is, er, a bit sporadic.

Time though is also short for myself just at present, so this is a short entry today, but no less important for its brevity.

But while on bars ... When new bar staff arrive in Alcúdia, what finer an experience can there be than to enjoy a Mallorcan night, almost as nature intended? The chill of an April night, the buzz of a malevolent mosquito, the grating zip of a crap moto, the wail of a drunk, the throb of the power station. From one in the morning till eight in the morning - all of this, all of this in the raw. A Mallorcan night.

Charlie, the new chef at Foxes, and his girlfriend, Becky, enjoyed this Mallorcan night. Locked themselves out. Locked themselves out of their Siesta apartment. Locked themselves out and on to their Siesta apartment balcony. Could have been worse. Could have been a Mississippi apartment.

A character in the Jane Fonda film "Barbarella", and Joni Mitchell was the title. So, Jane Fonda's brother, Peter, was in "Easy Rider", and one of the tracks in that film was "Born To Be Wild" - by which group?


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