Friday, April 25, 2008

Eye, Eye

I'm not bothered by most things. Indeed, I am not bothered - personally - by what follows. There again, I am not a British-tourist family unit. I do, however, get bothered by what others might think, as in that British-tourist family unit.

Cultural differences. Cultural differences in respect of things that the Brits (and mainly the Brits) have a bit of a problem with and with which much of Europe doesn't. It came to mind in the tabacos, the tabacos that is the Grupo Boulevard's tabacos in their DIY centre in Playa de Muro.

I was not attracted, honest. It was the natural movement of the eye. There is, especially in publishing, an appreciation of the natural movement of the Western eye. It differs to, for instance, that in Arabic cultures. All to do with social conditioning, and reading most obviously. The Western eye tracks left to right. Normal. Maybe Boulevard know this, though if brain-eye theory and retail practice were really at the top of their list then you wouldn't have to turn away from the counter having already made the purchase. It would confront you as you enter the store. But the eye did move. And the display was only waist high. Not top shelf.

DVDs. DVDs of a certain type. On a display in the middle of a shop. Doesn't bother me. But it just might bother some. That British-tourist family unit. Your Brit doesn't like this sort of thing at the eye-line height of a young member of his family. In the middle of a shop.

And something of a change. The quiz idea was, whenever it started, meant to have aped the Radcliffe-Maconie "chain" idea, but somehow that got lost on the way. Anyway, I have decided to get back to that idea. Therefore, as from now, the title will not be the question. The question will be here. Yesterday was Limahl. And so the chain asks: what group was Limahl in?


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