Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Let me entertain you. Let me sing and dance. Let me crank up the karaoke. Let me give you quizzes and games. Let me amuse the children while the parents relax.

The summer entertainment business. Here are West End shows transported south to the sun. Here are the all-rounders with their variety of pranks and acts. Here are the crooners, the comics and the cheerleaders. Here is good and not very good, professional and amateur, the competent and the less so. The summer entertainment business. It requires living within a mass-tourist environment to understand both the scale and pervasiveness of the entertainment and also the demand of the tourist to be entertained. It is no longer a possible add-on, the entertainment is a central part of the tourist package. "What's the entertainment like at ...?" "Are the same entertainers there as last year"? "What entertainment is there?" The tourist wants, no, needs to be entertained. During the day, during the night, the thirst and hunger for entertainment requires a daily diet of jokes, activity, bopping, wailing. I should run a contest to name the best entertainer or entertainers, though some are already nominated on the Internet. Go to hotel reviews in particular, and you'll find these nominations, either the Oscars or the Rotten Tomatoes.

Meanwhile, I have been contacted by an entertainer, one who sounds good. If anyone is in need, that is the purpose of the thing above. It comes from Paul Edwards. His details are all in the neatly designed publicity sheet he has sent me. His email: paulcheekychappy@hotmail.com

To another matter. The sea again. I drove down a road to the beach in Playa de Muro earlier today. The intention had been to check out what was happening with a particular restaurant. I didn't get around to it. There was the red and yellow. The red and yellow of the local police, and the local police motorbike. Then there was the ambulance that had driven onto the sand behind a dune. Then there were the green uniforms of the Guardia. Then there was the stretcher. The person was wearing a wet-suit. Don't know what state he was in. I drove away.

The sea comforts and supports us. But it is the force of nature to which can be applied the maxim: "I made thee and I can break thee." Always the sea.

QUIZ: Yesterday - Van McCoy. Today's title - this was a play, who wrote it?


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