Thursday, October 12, 2006

Weather / Rape / Fat People

Ah yea, of course there was I saying how wonderful the weather was - even agreeing with Helen, the delightful lady who works on reception at Alcúdia hospital yesterday, that October is one of the best months - and then it goes and absolutely pisses down today. Great banks of blackness rolling in from the Tramuntana mountains and wallop, huge torrents.

Sad to say that, despite the Portuguese charmer being banged up, there has been another rape incident in Alcúdia. FO, over to you.

On the back of last night’s wretched loss to Croatia, we can at least console ourselves that the English (indeed British) lead Europe in one thing - the size of their bellies. Official stats show the Brits to be true European-, nay world-class when it comes to fatness. The Spanish, despite rising concerns as to the amount of junk food consumed (and a long-held addiction to snacking, especially crisps) are quite some way back, level-pegging with the Germans, which may come as a surprise when one considers some of the whales that get beached here from Germany every summer. But there again, a stroll down the Greasy Mile of an evening, and one can see only too well for oneself what the problem is. Time for Marjorie Dawes.

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