Monday, October 30, 2006

Weather / End of season

And as I was saying (22 October), this is the hottest October on record - at least according to the nearby Sa Pobla weather station. Today it has been 27 degrees, or 81 in old money. But a number of us have put the long trousers on once more - almost out of habit for the time of year; shorts are still really rather necessary. Strange, given the heat, that everything is now shutting down big time. Some places will close tomorrow, and after that ... very quiet. The roads are even now showing a difference, the drive along the carretera from Puerto Alcúdia to Playa de Muro is pleasant for the first time in many months. The clocks going back on Saturday night change things, too. The sun dips that much earlier (well, an hour more or less), and it’s dark by around 6.30 in the evening, so even if one is able to get some rays on the admittedly rather chilly beaches one needs to be in situ pretty early; none of this going to the beach at 5 o’clock like in the summer.

The winter is expected to be even quieter than before with only one tour operator maintaining anything like regular offers through the winter. Mallorca has never been that busy in winter, but now - as there are so many alternatives for people to choose as winter destinations - Mallorca has less appeal. The weather may be blissful right now, but it won’t last.

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