Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rape / Weather in October

Rape. Not a nice subject to raise. But there again there are some less than nice people knocking around. A Portuguese has been detained on suspicion of the alleged rape of at least two women in Puerto Alcúdia.

Now this subject was the cause of a little friction between the Balearic Government and the Foreign Office earlier this year, i.e. when the FO posted news of rapes in Calvia. It wasn’t that the FO was advising against going, but the authorities here felt too much was made of the problem. To some extent they were right: it is unfortunately something that can happen anywhere. But a warning is still surely appropriate. As far as I can see, the FO has made no mention of the Alcúdia attacks.

October is often one of the year’s best months, if the weather is like it is at present. It is not too hot - about 25 degrees or so - and sunny, and there are far fewer people around. While the beach is still a reasonable option, the sea is getting cooler, and the breezes that are so necessary in high summer become more chilly. Towards the end of the month and then into November, the sea air will start to feel a bit damp as well, making the beach nigh on impossible.

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