Thursday, October 26, 2006

Car-rental tax / Tobacco sales

As this blog closes in on its first anniversary (1 November), it is somewhat coincidental that an item I ran in the first entry - the proposed car-rental tax - has cropped up again, if only for it to be reported that there will be no car-rental tax, which frankly is just as well.

As for an issue that emerged early this year - the ban on tobacco sales outside of licensed stores - there appears to be some back-tracking, in that sales of cigarettes are likely to be allowed in a new category of “tourist shop” but only from vending-machines. Well, I suppose it helps the shopowners who have been hit by the restrictions up to a point, but personally I still believe that the restriction of sales of cartons of cigarettes to the “estancos” is a form of monopoly.

And with a few days left of October, the weather is still quite remarkable - warm verging on the hot.

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