Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ensaimada / Weather/ Tourism economics

I don´t know, am I missing something? Back on 14 August I had a dig at the ensaimada, the local pastry “delicacy”. Mallorcan Ensaimada Day has just been celebrated. Without wishing to sound unduly harsh about one item of local cuisine, I can think of many other foods that are worthy of devoting a day to rather than the ensaimada. Does anyone find it anything better than dull and fattening?

With no obvious change to the warm weather over the next few days, this October could become the hottest on record. Despite the blip mentioned on 12 October, it has been a fine month, and the final week of the season - for the English half-term - looks as if it should be ok.

September saw 1.5 million visitors coming to the Balearics, an increase of just over 6% on the same month in 2005, with the German market being particularly strong. Apparently 8.9 million international visitors came to the Balearics in the first nine months of the year.

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