Thursday, August 10, 2006


Here it comes - the plague of jellyfish. Can’t help but feel that this talk of “plague” is a bit over-egging the situation, but there seems little doubt this is a fairly serious situation. Like the inexorable march, or should that be swim, of waterborne Cybermen, the little monsters are gathering. Less a call for Doctor Who though, more one for International Rescue; at least it would put Gordon to good use for once in Thunderbird 4.

But to the reality ...

There are already jellyfish conventions off the south-west of the island around Andraitx and off the south-east from Santanyi up to around Porto Cristo.

Advice and action:

Civil defence advises to check with them before using waters

Yellow flags will be flown if jellyfish are spotted

If stung, use sea water but do not rub it into the sting (One might also pack a tube of anti-histamine cream such as the local “Neosayomol”, which is specifically recommended for jellyfish stings.)

Also if stung, contact the civil defence, Red Cross or lifeguards for aid with treatment.

Now, where’s that wet-suit?

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