Monday, August 07, 2006


Strange weather. For Mallorca, that is. Since August entered with the sudden cloud, there has been an almighty great storm, a fair degree of sun and also intermittent rain and heavy clouds. It’s not as I have ever known it at this time of the year. Elsewhere, yes. South of France, for starters. There the weather can be distinctly variable. But here. Most odd. The thing about the relatively poor weather is that it gives a sort of end-of-season feel to the place. You expect this sort of weather in September as things are starting to wind down, but not in the middle of the high season. Perhaps the climate has skipped a month, and we’re really in September.

For someone like me who lives here it’s a blessed relief after several weeks of high temperatures and solid sun. The temperatures are still high but the cloud is welcome - up to a point. The problem is it makes people feel miserable, tourists especially. But moreover, like I would think many, I don’t wish the summer away; it’s too good a time to be willed into autumn. Hopefully the weather will get its arse in gear, and behave properly.

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