Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beach party / All-inclusives / Driving

The wind blew in really strong from the sea yesterday and last night, bringing some more rain. At least it was 24 hours too late to spoil the fun on Can Picafort beach. The Friday-night beach party, part of the Can Picafort fiesta fortnight, is a seriously big gathering. The road into Can Picafort is jammed till around two in the morning with people coming in for the event, many of the cars emitting their own party sounds of booming music. Want to sleep if you live by the road? Forget it!!

All-inclusives. There is a very good discussion of the impact of AIs going on in a forum at While largely in the context of Greece, there are nonetheless some very interesting and intelligent points being made. Go to the site, find the All-Inclusives forum and then the Why All-Inclusives thread.

The new points system for driving offences seems to be having an effect. Whilst there are penalties being issued for mobile use and for not wearing seat belts, there are also those for speeding and reckless driving - both of them the real villains of the piece when it comes to road accidents. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I have the impression that drivers are observing speed limits much more faithfully. Good news.

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