Monday, August 14, 2006

Weather / Industrial estate / Ensaimada

Curious and curiouser, the weather. Still liable to a drop of rain, and a fair amount of cloud. But also today, around mid-afternoon, the wind that had been blowing from the south, i.e. across land, stopped abruptly. The sea was flat calm. Normally, there’s breeze away from the beach or by the sea; rarely is it still in both areas. Suddenly, amidst the calmness of the beach, there was a mini-twister. Sand spiralled upwards, sucking up lilos, beach-mats, umbrellas. One lilo ended up a fair way out. And then it stopped. It occurred in an area of no more than about 20 square metres, and lasted about a minute. Very odd.

The new industrial estate in Alcúdia has stayed off this blog’s radar for a while. There is a lot of preparatory clearance work going on, the actual construction due to start in October. The environmental issue, especially important given its proximity to the Albufera nature park, has led - or rather will lead - to this “polígono” being granted an environmental certification, the first of its kind in Europe. Specifically, 25% of its total area will be “green”, a significantly higher proportion than other estates on the island. Rainwater will also be collected in subterranean deposits and used for around 50% of the estate’s water consumption, while materials used in the actual construction will be recycled. Bet it still doesn’t satisfy the environmental lobby.

The ensaimada. This I can take or leave. For anyone who doesn’t know, it is the local bread type thing made in the shape of a coil and sprinkled with castor sugar. There are variants on this theme. Basically, it’s fat with sugar. Fat and sugar - yum, yum. In the absence of anything much else, the ensaimada, together with that other pile of grease, the croissant, passes for what is a Mallorcan breakfast. I don’t see the attraction, nor do I understand those folk who buy large ensaimadas at the airport when trooping off to the mainland. I can well imagine these folk’s relatives or friends in Madrid or wherever thinking: “Oh no, they’ve brought a bloody ensaimada again.” Or perhaps I’m wrong. Anyway, in Sant Lloreñç, on the east side of the island, there is a night fair, just celebrated. This year the ensaimada was the “star” product at this gig. Star product. Fat and sugar.

Jellyfish status. All clear at present in this area.

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