Friday, September 15, 2006

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More weather. Great downpours have been occurring, the temperature is down to around 20 degrees. The mainland has really copped it in the neck, and some parts of the island have been particularly hard hit. And still there is a general weather warning.

It happens pretty much every year, at pretty much the same time, despite what my neighbour reckons. Was it last year or the one before? Around the middle of September, it rained so hard and heavy here there were things floating along the road outside where I live. It’s depressing in some ways. You know the season is coming to an end, but the awful weather gives it a feel not so much of closing but of collapsing.

But there’s always next year. Here we go, some early 2007 figures. And what do you know, it will be even more of a record year than this has been - allegedly. Thomas Cook are predicting a three per-cent increase over this year, so long as hotels don’t push their prices up too much, which is a strongly coded message from Thomas Cook to them to say that they won’t tolerate higher prices. Five per cent is as much as Thomas Cook will accept as “this year we have reached a limit in demand and capacity”. Eh? If they’ve reached a limit in demand, how will there be a 3% increase next year? Oh well.

(* Quote from the Majorca Daily Bulletin.)

Some general economy stuff. The annual economic report (for 2005) from the bank La Caixa shows that immigration to the Balearics rose by some 16% between 2000 and 2005. Alcúdia experienced one of the highest overall population growths of all - 30% in that period, compared with 11% in Pollensa, 4% in Muro, 14% in Sa Pobla and a pretty sizeable 22% in Santa Margalida (which includes Ca’n Picafort). An interesting bit of trivia. Apparently there are - or were in 2005 - 338 bar/restaurant businesses in Alcúdia and 223 in Pollensa. So, now you know. Also on things economic, the Balearics saw a fall - of 0.1% - in its retail price index, placing inflation at a current 3.7%.

An addendum. The assets of Open Holidays (see 3 September) have been acquired by, also trading as

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