Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weather / Skin cancer

Selective memory. It plays tricks.

I have a neighbour. She has been living on my urbanisation in Playa de Muro for 40 years. I spoke to her about rain the other day. Oh, no, it doesn’t rain in September. Yes, I said. It can rain very heavily. Oh no, she said.

Last night there was the most almighty storm. It was not the worst. In Alaró in the centre of the island there was total mayhem. One dead.

Selective memory.

Something personal. I saw the dermatologist today. I knew what was wrong, and he confirmed it. They’re doing the biopsy.

Skin cancer.

Only superficial, it is not a big deal. At least I don’t think so. But it might have become so.

There was an unexplained sort of blistering. This then grew a bit and joined with a freckle. The freckle started to grow. It itched occasionally. I knew what it was, and so it was.

Sun. You can’t really avoid it here after all. But to anyone who has a slightly unusual skin complaint, just go and get it looked at. It will probably be as everyday and swiftly treatable as my little melanoma - I hope.

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