Monday, July 31, 2006

Makassar Restaurant

And finally Makassar opened on Saturday. This is the new restaurant from Juan at Tiberi, and is located in the church square in Puerto Pollensa, next to the hostel and Cafe Cultural. It’s worthy of devoting a bit of space to, as anything from Juan is worthy.

Tiberi has the sort of reputation that many restaurants would die for. It is popular and very well regarded for the standard and originality of its menu. But more than this, Tiberi has an atmosphere. Many restaurants promote their “atmosphere”, but few get close to Tiberi’s. It is hard to put one’s finger on something as intangible as this, but there is a tangibility in aspects of design - the somewhat mysterious and other-worldly lettering, the interior colours, the shades of brown outside. Then there is the music and the generally young and vibrant staff.

The mystery of Tiberi was followed up at Guru, also a Juan venture, though he is now no longer involved given the development of Makassar.

One suspects a reason for the delay in opening is attention to detail, and this you see in the other restaurants. It’s about getting the whole package spot-on. Makassar has a different feel of contemporariness, and is promoted as a “barbecue lounge”, specialising in grills and fish. There is an upstairs terrace as well as one in the square.

The restaurants in, and adjoining the square, mostly all do well. Mojito and Tango, for instance, are usually heaving. Partly this is a function of location, but - as Gabriel from the Indian Kashmir points out - just being in a good location is not enough, you’ve got to deliver with the service and food.

As far as Makassar is concerned, will it be successful? You betcha.

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