Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kerbstones / Palma Airport / World Cup

Kerbstones. Not somethings that come into one’s consciousness on a daily basis. Unless one happens to be disabled. According to “Euro Weekly”, there is “fury” over high kerbs in Puerto Pollensa. Not just mere rage, but fury (elsewhere in “EW” there is also “fury” over a skaters’ park, but be that as it may). One holidaymaker of 20 years’ standing says that new footpaths have become nigh on impossible to negotiate as they have been built too high.

The thing is that kerbstones here do tend to be high. Quite why I don’t know. One view is that they are designed that way to help against flood, though the occasional lower parts of the kerb would make a weak point for water to enter, so I don’t know if this is right. Otherwise, perhaps it’s to stop people parking cars on kerbs. Whatever reason, the height of the kerbstone can also cause some damage - to cars. Park alongside and get too close and the hub-cap will scrape the kerb. Park front on and the bottom of the front of the chassis comes into contact with the kerb. Lower the kerbs, suggests the lady holidaymaker in Puerto Pollensa. Quite right, too.

While on the disabled, a word of praise for Palma Airport. Looking at net forums, the airport gets an all-round thumbs-up for assistance to disabled people. And also on the airport, it would seem that record numbers of passengers are being dealt with. Good news, you might think. But not so. Seems most of them are from the mainland and not high-spending Brits. Still, I’m sure later this year some authority will point to these high numbers and claim it has been a record year for tourism. Or should that be bollocks.

Just also another mention for “Euro Weekly”. “Thousands”, it proclaims, will be at the music festival in Pollensa. Fine. Nice photo to accompany the piece; it’s of the beach in Puerto Pollensa. The festival is in Pollensa. Ho hum.

And so we come to the World Cup final. Farewell, Ronaldos; goodbye, Pig-Climbers (Schweinsteiger - actually the steigen bit is from the old German “stige”, and the name means one who sleeps in a barn with pigs; so Pig-Climber’s right, oder?). But, where was I? Ah, yes, so long, Julio Salinas and the other tenors at La Sexta. How many former international centre forwards sing during football commentaries? Bet Loin-acre doesn’t.

Coming up - this blog’s call to ban beach tents.

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