Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jellyfish / Cala San Vicente / Emailing this blog

Throbbing Gristle. I always thought this was a great name for a band.

The name came into my mind at Playa de Muro beach. There was this dirty great bit of ex-throbbing gristle beached back of where I live. A monster jellyfish.

Manu from the very fine Sa Taverneta d’es Moll tapas bar in Puerto Alcúdia was telling me that some years ago there was a “plague” of jellyfish in the bay. Given that biblical matters can border on the mythological, not only does the “plague” notion seem apt so does the Spanish word for jellyfish - medusa.

I have had cause here to worry about Cala San Vicente. Yesterday I was there quite early; early enough that the sea and beaches take on the kind of translucent spectre of freshness that disappears once the heat of the day really kicks in. I parked by Bar Mallorca and was stopped in my tracks. The view across the Molins cove to the “horse” promontory was elemental and simply awe-inspiring. How is it that somewhere as special as this seems to have such a hard time of it? Quite magnificent.

I am delighted if people want to comment on stuff here. Problem is that mails come in as anonymous: there seems no way of me replying. For direct mailing, please use That way I can get back to you. And just to Andy who sent a “comment” to the entry for 20th July, thanks but it was bit too "advertising" to post.

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