Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jellyfish / World Cup / Closed down

Oh, oh, jellyfish. The beaches of Cala San Vicente have been very quiet since people were advised to stay out of the water owing to the presence of a great flotilla of jellyfish (what is the collective noun for jellyfish - school like other fish or something more demonic?). Another blow to the Cala. Fortunately, they don’t seem to have made their way round the Formentor headland into the bays of Pollensa or Alcúdia. The stinking hot weather suggests it might not be that long though.

England’s miserable exit from the World Cup has at least one positive. We won’t need to suffer the moronic English youth around the Greasy Mile. “Fuck off, you cunt.” “You wanker.” Every word an expletive. The Cross of St George and the F, C, and W words. Well, we can all play the game. You, my lads, are a bunch of wankers.

Something on closed places that I’ve kept forgetting to mention. Tropical Minigolf at the bottom of the Greasy Mile by Bellevue is up for sale and won’t be opening at all. In some ways it doesn’t surprise; it’s a big piece of real estate to pay rent on. Michael, now at Epcot, was reminiscing about the days of the Banana Republic at the same site. But them’s were the days when we was lads - 20 years ago. In Puerto Pollensa, Neptuno II (aka Tramuntana) is closed at present owing to a lack of staff. How odd, you might think.

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