Tuesday, May 07, 2013

MALLORCA TODAY - Asphalted beach path in Alcúdia causes division

The work to the beach path in Puerto Alcúdia has come to an end just in time for the Ironman triathlon (which was surely the impulse for it being done when it was?) and not everyone is happy. The result is a blue asphalt track which, while clearly easier to negotiate for runners, those in wheelchairs etc., does look rather out of keeping whereas the stones onto which the asphalt has been placed looked in keeping. The town hall has been accused of concealing what they were going to do, though it had made it clear that the stones would be asphalted, so the criticism is not that justified. But as to the colour, well, that's another thing. And there is another thing. What happens when the asphalt starts to chip and discolour, which it will, as it's going to need regular maintenance (costly?) to prevent it from becoming unsightly.

The photo shows what the fuss is about. It's taken from where it starts by Sa Gavina restaurant. Businesses aren't happy, no one is happy. When I took the photo, I bumped into Gavin (Gavin's At The Port) who told me that Cuatro, the TV channel, had been down earlier, gauging reaction. Gavin was one who gave his - "crap".

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