Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Water / Jellyfish

Pollensa, it would seem, is crying out for a desalination plant; they can’t cope with demand in summer. There is also some concern that the quality of the drinking water might suffer otherwise. I don’t know, but there are few people of my acquaintance who ever use tap water. There isn’t anything wrong with the water per se, just very few people bother with it. The carrying of bottled water here is far from a fashion accessory as it is in other places; it’s not essential, but generally people feel more comfortable with the bottled variety.

But still on water. Health advice is to take in 2 litres or so of water per day, and this isn’t just in a hot climate. It’s sound advice to offset dehydration, but up to a point. The potential problem is that too much water can dilute the body’s sodium. So, really those two litres should be supplemented with a pinch of salt now and then. Alternatively, take on sports’ drinks instead.

There is a warning of an “imminent” plague of jellyfish in the Balearics. I’ve noted here before the problems at Cala San Vicente and the sighting of jellyfish in the bay of Alcúdia, but this warning sounds potentially the real thing. Sea warmth and over-fishing appear to be the causes.

It thrashed down again this morning. Odd, odd, odd. But maybe now we’ve left behind this bad weather, except that Sunday more storms are forecast.

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