Monday, August 21, 2006

Barquita / Brits abroad

Restaurants come, and restaurants go. One of the more depressing aspects of living here is to see new owners take on a place, have bundles of enthusiasm, good ideas, the right attitudes, only for the whole thing to go belly-up.

Barquita in Puerto Pollensa is one case.

Julie and Michel had all the right ideas. Nice folk, really nice folk. But they had problems with the restaurant from an early stage this season, notably with terrace roofing. Then they had problems with staff (not uncommon, I’m afraid). Then they just stopped opening.

Very sad.

According to a survey by, British travellers have the unenviable reputation as being the “most unsociable of holidaymakers”. Apparently we Brits are the worst for giving other nationalities “the cold shoulder”, and we are accused of having a “reluctance to speak local languages or to explore culture beyond the British-themed pub”. Hmm, does sound rather familiar I must admit.

(Quotes from “The Times”, 18 August.)

Members of the Sa Pobla Cricket Club were rightly indignant that the final day at The Oval was called off because the Pakistanis took their ball home, or rather had it taken from them. All very stupid and of course ball-tampering here is a common thing, in that when the ball gets leathered for a six, someone comes back with a potato. Good for reverse swing, apparently.

And jellyfish. Still pretty much all clear up here. But the problem along the south-east coast has been confirmed.

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