Friday, August 11, 2006

Terrorism / Playa de Muro beach

That some people may have been inconvenienced or delayed coming to or leaving Palma Airport is unfortunate. But what else are the authorities and the airlines expected to do?

I am one of those, like many, who think that Blair, Bush and others may have cried wolf on occasion where terrorist threats are concerned. There was plenty of comment - speculative - flying around yesterday on both sides of the Atlantic that the alleged plot to blow up the five planes was an example of this. I don’t think so; I don’t think so for one moment.

The authorities are damned - by some - if they do, and damned - by all - if they don’t, or rather were not to have done. What is some inconvenience compared to the loss of significant life? No, this was for real; I’m sure of it.

To other matters ... My local beach, as I have mentioned before, is the rustic beach at Playa de Muro. This season part of the dunes has been roped off, people being asked not to enter. Apparently it’s an attempt to get the Kentish plover to nest there. The notice informing us of this ends with a further request, namely that when people leave the beach could they kindly dust all the sand off themselves and their belongings, as the sand is needed. Strange thing to ask. How much sand can one person carry away with him or her? But that’s ecological sensitivity for you.

The kitesurfers are really larging it at present along the rustic beach, and also at the La Marina rustic beach outside Alcúdia. Conditions are spot-on; a good breeze constantly blowing in to land. Whilst popular, it isn’t possible for anyone to come here and try their hand at kitesurfing - at least not officially. It’s considered dangerous and hence no licences are issued. Shame as I think a lot of people would like to give it a go.

Jellyfish watch: nothing more dramatic to report for the moment.

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