Monday, October 30, 2017

The Christmas Lottery Is Cancelled

God, does Rajoy know what he's done by pressing the 155 button and preparing to send in the entire Spanish army plus the Armada to blockade and lay siege to Barcelona? He's only gone and put the mockers on the Christmas lottery, that's what.

Where has been the dialogue? Where have been the attempts at consensus? Rajoy has steadfastly refused to listen to Més, who held in their hands the means of preventing 155. Press the button, Super Mariano, and we won't sell tickets for the Christmas lottery. But no, Super's gone and done it, so the Balearics are to be deprived of putting pennies (bundles of euros to be precise) in an old fat man's hat and getting fat on the geese and winnings.

Moreover, Més were warning that lottery deprivation is not the only measure they're contemplating. How can Rajoy not take account of Més? Does he not realise that, for instance, the party's Menorcan wing hoovered up three seats in parliament on the basis of 6,568 votes? That's real people power, Super, you should take note. Visca Catalunya! Visca the Balearic Republic of Més! And visca also the splendours of D'Hondt and PR that delivered unto us three Més Menorca MPs, plus their six some-time buddies in Mallorca - Biel et al.

What further measures might Més now adopt? With their 13.8% of the electorate barred from the lottery, will the faithful be persuaded to divert their lottery euros to bolstering the ecotax fund, so that Biel can move the "purposes" goal posts once again and bet all the revenue on arming the Més Republican Army? Will David Abril unilaterally declare independence from himself?

Mariano really should have been aware. Just a month or so ago, Més joined hands and sang out for democracy and Catalonia in the home town of Sweet and Friendly Francina (who obviously wouldn't have attended even if she had been invited, which she wouldn't have been). There they all were in Inca - Biel, Mick of the Council, Mother Santiago, Vince at Environment, Guillem of Alaro - putting the fine touches to a Més strategy later to become resistance to 155. We're not selling any lottery tickets, Rajoy, they agreed. The Spanish nation will thus be brought to its knees. Not that there was much Spanish nation in Inca.

Més had sent "observers" to Catalonia during all the trouble and strife leading up to the fateful utterance of independence. Més had also been piling the pressure on poor old Frankie Antich. The Menorcan wing (6,568 votes) was issuing dire warnings - again - about its relationship with its "partners" (i.e. Francina and PSOE) in the Balearic government if Frankie said yes to 155. In the end, the old boy managed to get lost in the corridors of the Senate and failed to put in an appearance. Diplomatic absence, one might call it.

But now it's happened, what next? It's all well and good Super sacking Carles, but will Carles take it to a tribunal for unfair dismissal? And which tribunal? Where? Carles clearly hasn't thought about that. Nor, one imagines, has Mariano. The case could drag on for years.

What will become of the Catalonia stand at the World Travel Market next month? Will Biel relocate what remains of Balearic tourism and install the Balearic stand within one for the glory of the Catalan Lands? And what's with all the various "requests" that the Catalonia parliament is making of the Catalonia government (such as it is)? There's more than a touch of brass neck to be requesting that the government initiates procedures for dual nationality. Brass neck and a lack of coherence. Isn't the whole point about independence that there are separate nations?

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