Friday, March 21, 2014

Back Again

So, as you can see, I have returned following what was not a self-imposed blogging exile but one imposed on me by technology. To cut to the chase, changing internet providers is not necessarily straightforward, but suffice to say that the past is bright, the past is Orange. Bye, bye. This may not have caused the unintentional blogging hiatus it did had it not also been for the fact that I am the only person in the world who relies on only piece of kit - a large Macintosh desktop, which is not the sort of thing you can lug around and take to a wifi zone. Keeping up to internet speed (more internet slowness) has therefore required borrowing someone else's system or going to an internet café. I have now experienced two in Alcúdia. In both, several of the keys were unreadable, the mouse in one was so clogged up on its bottom that it was virtually unusable, while you can understand why the speed would be low; in order to get you to spend more.

Anyway, in the intervening time little of real note has occurred, but then little of real note does occur in Mallorca. I do begin to wonder quite how it is that I manage to bang stuff out day after day, but then there is always some story to tell behind even the slightest news or event. Take the Hotel Illa d'Or in Puerto Pollensa, for instance. It celebrated its 85th anniversary the other day. Why 85? It seems like an odd number to celebrate (odd in that 85 is not usually the criterion for a celebration as opposed to 85 not being an even number). Anyway, celebrate 85 years they did, and grand nosebag was to be had - lobster, partridge, beef amongst the 85 courses. For the Illa d'Or, fine pile that it is, one of Puerto Pollensa's Old Dame hotels, there is a back story, which makes it more interesting than it would otherwise be. It is there where Agatha Christie was inspired to write "Problem At Pollensa Bay" (though there is a rival argument that she was at the Hotel Formentor instead) and it is also there where members of the German Condor Legion were housed when they were based in Puerto Pollensa during the Civil War.

So, yes, there is always something to be said, even when nothing happens.

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