Saturday, January 04, 2014

MALLORCA TODAY - Weather Alcúdia and Pollensa 4 January 2014

No Frills Excursions

Morning high (8.15am): 15.5C
Forecast high: 17C
Sea conditions (northern Mallorca; Alcúdia and Pollensa bays): Southwest 3 to 4 increasing 4 to 5 during the morning, 5 to 6 during the afternoon and veering West and Northwest 6 to 7 by the evening.

Mild morning, fairly cloudy, though rain likely to stay off until the evening. Wind and rough coastal conditions meaning yellow alerts are in place, the wind also a factor tomorrow but easing somewhat for the Kings' parades in the evening.

Evening update (18.15): The wind has made things colder than temperatures suggested. A high of 20.8C.

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